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Tips for Surviving Long Flights

You are finally ready to get on the plane to begin the trip of your dreams! As you enter the plane, you suddenly realize that you are not looking forward to sitting in a crowded plane for the next few hours. If you could just skip this part! Here are some ideas to make your long flight more comfortable and enjoyable and make you feel better when you land:

1. Reserve a Good Seat

Make sure that you have selected a good seat ahead of time even if you have to pay a little bit extra for it. It will be definitely worth it in the long run. Check on Seat Guru or Seat Expert to find out about aircraft seating information and choosing a comfortable seat. It’s great to be able to look out the window but having a aisle seat or exit row seat is a necessity if you need more leg room or you want to get out of your seat more easily.

However, if you want to sleep then be sure to choose a window seat. Check to make sure that your seat reclines as you will be more comfortable if you can put it back if you want to rest. Choose seats away from the restrooms as other passengers will be using these frequently and can bump into you as they walk to and from the washrooms. Also the bathroom doors will be opening and closing which is noisy and the light can disturb you.

2. Keep Warm

Often times the air conditioner will be turned up high and the plane can be cold so wear a long sleeved top and long pants. Take a jacket or hoody in your carryon that you can put on if you are still chilly. There is nothing worse than being cold and you have no way to deal with it. If you are planning on sleeping take your own blanket as many airlines do not supply them now days.

3. Do Things Like Wiggling in Your Seat or Take Frequent Walks

Sitting for long periods is not healthy for you as it causes blood to not circulate as well as it should. To avoid the complications this can cause, move. Try tightening your back end muscles and release, move your toes back and forth, stretch your legs under the seat and flex your feet, bend your knees and raise your feet up and down off the floor, do anything that you can think of to not stay in the same position. Stand up, walk up and down the aisle, do anything that gets your blood circulating. Do this often, especially on a long flight.

4. Take Some Food to Snack On

Eat light while on the flight and take easy to pack, nutritious foods with you. Pick your favorites such as protein bars, unsalted nuts, dried/fresh fruit, cut up veggies, cheese, whole grain crackers/snack bars and dark chocolate. If your stomach starts to growl, you can usually purchase a sandwich or small meal on board.

5. Take Steps to Avoid Dry Air on the Plane

The air on the plane can be very dry and dehydrate your system. Drink plenty of water and cut down on the alcohol, coffee, tea and soft drinks you consume. Also consider bringing eye drops, nasal spray and lip balm if you feel it necessary.

6. Bring Something to Do

Bring something to keep you occupied during the flight. Perhaps a good book or a magazine, a hand held game console (Gameboy, Nintendo DS), iPod Touch, etc. Possibly watch the movie that is being shown if there is one.

Then sit back and enjoy your flight! You will be there before you know it.
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