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La Laguna Festival 2011

La Laguna Festival is a week-long celebration that highlights the biodiversity of the lake and the rich natural resources of Laguna. Festivities would include various competitions such as Land float, street dance, flu-vial/parade, dragon boat and banca race, brass band competition, etc. This happens every year, around this time of the year and the only time when all 26 towns and 4 cities of the Province of Laguna unites. 

What makes me go all the way to Santa Cruz (a 3-hour drive from Manila) is mainly because of their "Trade Fair Booths".  Each province will have their own booth and showcase what's IN their town.  Its a fast way of knowing the culture and product of each province in Laguna. What's best is you can also buy their delicacies or products.  

I tried to capture each town that was featured this April 2011.
Milk Star fresh goat's milk Php40.00 from Alaminos Goat Farm  Mr. Art Almeda +63917.500.4294. email:
They also produce products like sausage, choice cuts, cheese, ice cream. The Alaminos Goat Farm is the first commercial dairy goat farm in the Philippines with BFAD licence.

Goat's milk soap Php120.00., Macapuno string Php80.00,  and Coconut products.

Puto Php100.00, Puto pao Php80.00. 

The Puto Pao is a  a must try!  Its like their quapao version. Yet the bread is softer than quapao or siopao even to the local puto. Yet it has a light sweet taste. Then there is adobo (little) inside. 

  • CABUYAO, LAGUNA: they create rags, belts, bags etc based from excess clothing materials. I bought a belt 2 years ago made out of excess cloth which was woven like a rag. I just love the idea and I only got it at PHp100.00  
Handicraft manufacturers are:
Baby Water Lily Handicrafts. Contact Person: Ms. Rosita Delos Santos. Tel No (63-929) 353.6648


Pineapple, Kesong puti Php60.00, Choco Milk Php80.00 (Gatas Pinoy), Pineapple Php35.00 

Everyone was flocking to the Gatas Tisoy drink since it was only being sold at Php10.00.  So I tried, its good but 1 pack wasn't enough for me :-)


They produce native products using pandan leaves. banig, hats and bags.  Kalakal Cavinti Atbp. Souvenir Shop. Brgy Duhat, Cavinti, Laguna Tel No. (63-920) 661.0577, (63-920) 961.3481

One explore all the various falls around Cavinti -- Pagsanjan falls (Magdapio falls), Bayakan falls and bat cave, Cavinti falls, Nakulo falls, Bumbungan Twin falls. 

Other tourist spots include the man-made lakes Lumot lake, and Caliraya lake where once can enjoy sailing, wind surfing and kayaking. 

Resorts in the area: Lagos del Sol Resort and Restaurant, Porta Verde Resort, Caliraya Springs Golf and Country Club, Calirana Resort, Camarin Guest House, Caliraya Hilltop Resort, Surf Kamp, Eco-Saddle and Japanese Garden
For more information contact tel nos. (63-920) 961.34.81, (63-928) 520.0007, (63-928) 234.8575, (63-921) 356.9492, (63-920) 909.2178, (63-928) 224.4543. Cavinti's website 
  • KALAYAAN, LAGUNA: Hydro Electric Power plant

  • LILIW, LAGUNA: Is the "Footwear Capital of the Philippines" Their products include slippers, sandals, shoes

I love this town, one day I would like to personally visit their town and to see their factories. 

The sandals shown is called 'super wedge sandals" which I bought at Ai-She. Got it at Php750.00 - I know this is still expensive compared to how the price should be. Anyhow, am an avid supporter of Liliw footwear 

Some of the manufacturers are:
Ai-she Footwear (Ms. Corazon Coligado) Tel No. (63-049) 563.3647, (63-927) 702.6303

  • LOS BANOS, LAGUNA:  Buko pie
  • LUISIANA, LAGUNA: Native products using pandan leaves and buli leaves. Banig

  • LUMBAN, LAGUNA: They are the 'Embroidery Capital".  They also have Kesong Puti, Espasol and Ginataang Hipon
This is another that I am soooo curious about.  Its recommended for couples getting married who needs to shoulder their entourage's clothes or looking for embroidery gifts as gifts for Principal sponsors.  Sourcing it from Lumban will definitely give you huge savings!

Some of the embroidery makers are: Irene's Embroidery Address 108 Bonifacio Street, Sto Nino, Lumban, Laguna. Contact Ms. Irene Badiola (63-921) 785.4582 or (63-49) 501.4975

Is the home of Nuestra Senora de Candelaria ad Labanan sa Mabitac Shrine. The town fiesta is being held 2nd day of February in honor of Our Lady of Candelaria.  

    The product of the town is Rattan furniture.  Some of the makers are: Mila's Ratan Handicraft (63-918) 480.4189. Pidloan's blacksmith - Ms. Melinda Pidlaoan and Gredasga Rattan Furnitures and Handicraft - Mr. Elipidio Gomez or Nonoy Gomez. Located in Brgy. Amuyong 3rd Palochina Site, Mabitac Laguna. (63-930) 561.46.44

    For more information on Mabitac, Laguna contact Mayor's office (63-49) 501.0881 Vice Mayor's office (63-49) 816.7959 email: 

    • MAGDALENA, LAGUNAChurch, paintings
    • MAJAYJAY, LAGUNA: Vegetables

    Guaranteed fresh!

    • PAETE, LAGUNA: Paper (papier) Mache products. Accessories holder, boxes, jewelry holder, etc

    I find their products  very intuitive and artistic. Their hut is very decorative, am not sure if they always win the best booth. I find it cool that they were able to concentrate on a specific product that is distinct to everyone else. All products were concentrated on paper mache. All the product photos shown above are paper-based. Yes even the chandelier!

    Aside from the famous Pagsanjan Falls, they have sweetened fruits in bottles. Eg. Calamansi with Nata, Coconut Sprout, Langka, Macapuno, Pineapple, Santol, Nata de Coco
    • PAKIL, LAGUNA: Fine wood shaved products, wood carvings, and hats 

    • PILA, LAGUNA: Water lily bags, herbal medicines (cleansing, skimming coffee, dyspepsia, diabetics, dengue)

    • SAN PABLO, LAGUNA: Coconut products, walis tingting

    You can visit Buruwisan falls, Sierra Madre, Batya-Batya Falls and Eco Park
    Its 2-hour away from Manila. Passing through Antipolo, Rizal. I am very curious on this town, since I love nature-traveling, I want to see their falls who are not far from each other (that's what I heard)

    Santa Cruz is the capital town of Laguna.  It is the home of "kesong puti" (white cheese). Other attractions you can explore are Wha Chi Monument, Bahay na Bato - an old Spanish Era house, Villa Valenzuela, Comandancia - residence of Gov Juan Cailles, Emilio Jacinto Shrine, Escola Pia - old Spanish school house. You can also visit and buy the works of Jason Delos Reyes, a foot & mouth artist. Experience river rafting and cross the Alipit hanging bridge. Santa Cruz Festivals includes Kesong Puti festival (March) and Sampaguita Art festival (June).

    To know more about Santa Cruz, Laguna, you can contact the Mayor's office at 501.2788, Administrator's office 501.9200, Public info and tourism at 501.7328

    Itik Capital. delicacies like laman loob, adobo, caldereta, hinulob (fried), red egg Php9.00 each. Their stall was very popular. A lot of locals were buying the itik delicacies. It tried the adobo and caldereta. I personally didn't like it since I find it oily and there is an after taste. But I talked to my colleagues who are from Laguna, they said Itik meat is really good!

    For those who weren't able to go this year, better go and see it next year. This is a week-long festival that you can enjoy and experience each town's culture and products. 

    As DTI's slogan says: Buy Filipino-made products and help provide employment and save the environment

    You can also contact Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Laguna if there are products you want to buy and where to get them. Laguna provincial office: VARIMCO Compound, National Highway, Victoria, Laguna. Tel Nos (63-49) 559.02.54, (63-49) 559.05.20

    Official website of Laguna:

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