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Lan Zhou La Mien

Steamed Dumpling
Beef Lamien

Lan Zhou La Mien is a noodle and dumpling house located in Chinatown, Binondo. This is being run by TDKs or the Chinese businessman who really came from mainland China.  You would see that their clients are also from Mainland China / Taiwan since majority of their customers speaks the Mandarin language.  That’s how authentic this place is!

As a Chinese translation “La Mien” means hand-pulled noodles.  Their menu is quite simple: noodles and dumplings.  It’s a comfort food for the Chinese and prices are very affordable.

What caught my attention about this place is they make their own noodles.   So you are sure your noodles are served fresh.  Actually, they only prepare your noodles once you order.  The servings are big enough for 1 person but not enough for 2 persons.

A must-see!  Watch how they prepare the noodles from their glass window.  From a lump of dough, they roll, pull, and toss it up to the air.  Doing it repeatedly until it breaks to strands. Magic!  This is actually my first time to see how the noodles were made.

Another interesting experience, they have unlimited spicy condiments available.  Imagine 4-kinds!  Chili powder with pepper (photo: red cap bottle), Sweet and Hot sauce (photo: white cap bottle), Hot Regular (photo: black cap bottle), and Chili Oil (photo: metal container).  Don’t worry the soup being served isn’t chili at all. They let their guests be the one to add spices on their meals.  They also have bowls of chopped spring onions and cilantro (wansoi).

Chili powder with pepper (red cap bottle),
Sweet and Hot sauce (white cap bottle),
Hot Regular (black cap bottle),
Chili Oil (photo: metal container) and
Black Vinegar on the brown bottle

Don’t expect much on the surroundings, I think all hole-in-the-wall fast food in Binondo provides this kind of ambiance. 

Very interesting experience!  

Lan Zhou La Mien is located at 499 San Fernando Street, Binondo, Manila. They have another branch at 819 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila.

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