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Experiencing PNR (train ride)

Accidentally I got to experience riding the PNR (Philippine National Railways). I was coming from Alphaland Southgate Mall, Magallanes. While crossing the overpass to take the jeep going to Bicutan, I saw people waiting at the train station.  Hurriedly I retrieved back my steps and went to the counter of PNR ticket booth. Well actually there is NO booth. Its a simple table and chair, and you'd see people buying their tickets.

The security personnel and PNR attendants were quick in helping me cross the railway tracks since I am on the wrong side. That's the scary part. I can see the train from the distance and the Security was asking me to hurry my steps. Wherein you have to step down and climb up on the makeshift ladder made of wood planks and rocks piled up. 

Here are my observations / information I got:
The ticket that was issued.
2 x 2.5 inches in size
  • There is a booth (table and chair + PNR cashier) on each side. You have to buy your tickets on the lane, where you are heading to.
  • The fee is Php10.00 per trip, maximum of Php15.00
  • The first coach (near the driver), is dedicated to women, senior citizen and disabled. Consisting of 2 doors
  • The 2nd and 3rd coaches are free-for-all. 
  • There are Security personnel who assists and checks your belongings.
  • There are PNR attendants who makes sure that before the door closes, nobody was left behind nor wasn't able to go down.
  • What I rode is the air-conditioned coach. Its clean. 
  • On weekdays, South bound (To Alabang) has a total of 20 trips/day.  North bound (To Manila) has 21 trips/day
  • Intervals on train arrival is 30 minutes apart during peak hours.
  • There is a black board in each station that shows the departure schedule of the trains. There is also a schedule pasted on the table of the cashier.
Inside the train. Its clean, cool air-conditioning but I didn't like the smell. It's the same smell I experienced when I was traveling in China. Though tolerable.

Bicutan station. The surroundings are clean, there are benches for waiting passengers.

This worried me. Grills on the windows.
Next time I need to look where is the fire escape. 

This is posted inside the PNR train. But I was told that it only travels from ALABANG to TUTUBAN. I rode in EDSA (Magallanes), there was one stop NICHOLS that isn't shown here.
How primitive can this be? I assume they change this
everyday based on what trains will be used that day.
Totally something I'd never imagine to see in Manila. 

TRAIN SCHEDULE from BICUTAN Station:  Thanks to the PNR attendant, he shared me his notes.


5:49 am
6:19 am*
6:49 am
7:19 am*
7:49 am
8:19 am*
8:49 am
9:49 am
10:49 am
12:49 pm
1:49 pm
2:19 pm
3:49 pm
4:19 pm*
4:49 pm
5:19 pm*
5:49 pm
6:19 pm*
6:49 pm
7:17 pm

During Sundays and Holidays, there train schedule is less.  the ones with (*) asteris are omitted.


5:49 am
6:17 am
6:47 am*
7:17 am
7:47 am*
8:17 am
8:47 am*
9:17 am
10:17 am
11:17 am
12:17 pm
1:17 pm
2:17 pm
3:17 pm
4:17 pm
1:17 pm
4:47 pm*
5:17 pm
5:47 pm*
6:17 pm
6:47 pm*
7:17 pm

During Sundays and Holidays, there train schedule is less.  the ones with (*) asteris are omitted.

FROM TUTUBAN TO MANILA (This was contributed by my friends' dad who took the train from Tutuban to Bicutan just this July 2011)

5:05 am                           1:05 pm
5:35 am                           2:05 pm
6:05 am                           3:05 pm
6:35 am                           3:35 pm
7:35 am                           4:05 pm
8:05 am                           4:35 pm
9:05 am                           5:05 pm
10:05 am                         5:35 pm
11:05 am                         6:05 pm
12: 05 am                        6:20 pm (last trip)

Worth the experience. I think this is the most economical and the fastest way going from South to West and vice versa.  An alternative way to commute especially if you want to go shopping to Tutuban/168/Divisioria.

You can also check PNR's blog Check the January posts, it lists the schedules based on each station.  Just in case there are discrepancies based on your experience, feel free to write a comment below so that readers of this blog will be updated.

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