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Top 5 Unusual Stockholm Hotels

Every now and then, it is normal for everyone to crave something different and out of the way. One day, you might wake up and for no apparent reason feel like skipping work and spending the day at the movies instead. Or this need for variation may be exhibited in small, somewhat insignificant ways such as opting to order a cold latte with whipped cream instead of the usual hot decaf latte you start your mornings with or wearing white socks instead of the usual black.

Travel and vacations are considered by many as the ultimate form of deviating from the common daily routines we usually lead since it is on vacation and travel that we see new sights, meet new people, and experience new things. However, even vacationing and traveling can take on a humdrum vibe through repetition and consistency. Even you might feel bored with your vacations and travels if you visit a beach every summer, rent a cottage in the woods every winter or have dinner at a hotel every Valentine's day.

Of course, the answer to how you can make vacations and travels more interesting is by injecting some variation and seeking the unusual. One such city that can certainly give you a one-of-a-kind vacation and travel experience like none other is the capital city of Sweden called Stockholm. Take hotels for instance. Most of the rather resemble one another, a five star hotel in this street may be quite identical with the other on the next block. So here's a list of the top 5 most unusual hotels in Stockholm City that are guaranteed to give a pleasant and surprising twist to your usual vacations and travels.

Langholmen Hotel, Stockholm

This first unusual Stockholm hotel is not for the faint of heart. The main construction which is now called the langholmen Hotel, Stockholm was actually built for an entirely different purpose before it was converted into a hotel. Like a hotel, it once housed several “guests” too, although the reason why they are there are not really their decision and they cannot come and go as they please like in a normal hotel. Yes, the facilities which is now called the Langholmen Hotel in Stockholm was once a prison.

The Olde Crown Prison that once housed miscreants of all sorts now has a more inviting atmosphere to it since it was transformed into a hotel. Although the thick concrete walls and the heavy iron doors still remain, a lot of added comforts and conveniences, a touch of color and an overwhelming sense of history and curiosity has made this former prison a hotel you would not want to escape from.

Nordic Sea Hotel

The Nordic Sea Hotel is another Stockholm hotel that piques can easily pique the interest of tourists, travelers and vacationers. This Stockholm hotel is called the Nordic Sea Hotel because of the existence of a large, impressively noticeable aquarium in the hotel that houses hundreds of colorful fishes, plants and other marine animals.

And the presence of the Absolut IceBar definitely boosts up the popularity of the hotel too. You may need fur coats and mittens though because the entire bar, from floor to ceiling and even the glasses, are made from ice.

Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen

If you think a life at sea is both romantic and adventurous, then you might want to stay at the Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen hostel in Stockholm. The hostel is actually found in a boat, or rather the hostel is a boat. A British ship more than a century ago set is anchors along the shores of Sweden and several decades later, it was converted to the hostel we now know as the Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen. You are sure to get a good night's sleep in this Stockholm hotel since the waves of the Lake Malaren would rock you to sleep.

Nordic Light Hotel

If ice bars and humongous aquariums do not pique your curiosity, then maybe the enchanting northern lights would. Experience a dazzling vacation if you check-in at the Nordic Light Hotel also in Stockholm since the entire hotel is based upon the beauty and fascination that the northern lights are popular for. You can easily change the mood and color of your own hotel suite or room by changing the lights at the Nordic Light Hotel. If you're feeling light, a golden yellow lighting may be great and if you want to add a touch of romance, soft pink lights are perfect.

Vanadis Hotel & Bad

And finally, there is also the unusual and historic Vanadis Hotel & Bad which was made from a bathing facility. Bath houses are popular during the early 20th and late 19th century and one of these bath houses was converted into a hotel when the concept slowly lost popularity. The bath house theme is still present and can be seen at the amazing Vanadis Hotel pool area.

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