Monday, April 25, 2011

Burdeos, Polilio Island - Day 3

Day 3: a whole day island hopping adventure. 

We passed by Tikling Island, Malaginuan Munti island (there is a groto), Malaginuan Malaki island, Tsubak island, Maydalaga island, Minasawa island (bird sanctuary), Binonbonan island (nearest island from Bordeos, locals usually go here - but the sand is color brown).

Malaginuan Island

Minasawa Island

groto in Malaginuan Island

We saw this rock formation above waters which is part of the Malaginuan munti island. Lots of candles burning and written texts painted on the rocks. The bangkero even told us to keep quiet and not to ask too many questions.  We also experienced our boat's motor died. The bangkero explained that this is a holy place "groto". Locals climb up there to pray and light their candles.

The story on the groto at the Malaginuan munti island, centuries ago, there was a human rock formation. Then his head was cut off. But now, then they discovered that the head started to grow back. 

We bought our fish/squid at the town that we passed by on our way to Minasawa island.  Had our "survivor-style" of lunch at Minasawa island.

Per my observation, I would have prefered to eat our lunch in another island that is quiet. It seems Minasawa island became everyone's destination. I was expecting calm and clean surroundings. I think if they are focused on preserving the island to be a bird sanctuary. They need to do something with the people who visits there. They should make an ordinance that nobody should leave their trash. There are even 2 tables selling halo-halo and fruits. Yes its helpful but its showing 'commercialism" in that island already.

There are other islands you can visit, to name some of them: Bugitay, Anilon, Kabalwa, Ikolong, Palasan,
Pandan, Malawis, Makagitna, Makagilid. For the boatman, he considers Makagilid island to be the nicest island. Though this is the hardest to go to since this island is facing the Pacific ocean.
From the Burdeos pier, we went back to our lodging and hired a jeepney going back to Polillo town.  Mang Enong Hernandez +63-907.341.98.44 (who is a relative of Tita Pines of Isla Polillo beach resort) helped us in renting a jeep. We got it at Php1,500.00

Upon reaching Polillo town, we decided to have dinner at Sea Horse hotel before going to our own resort (since its another 30-minute travel). We are too hungry already.

Day 3 expenses - Php1,475.00: breakfast Php60/head + tricycle from lodging to pier Php10/head + boat Php420/head (Php2,100/boat) + lunch Php60/head + snacks Php20/head + tricycle from pier to lodging Php8/head (Php40/tricycle) + jeep from Burdeos to Polillo town Php300/head (Php1,500/jeep) Dinner at Sea Horse Php162/head +  tricycle from town to resort Php60/head (Php300/trike) + Resort lodging at Php375/head (Php1,500/room)

Date of travel: April 21 to April 24, 2011

You can continue to view my picasaweb album on Polilio Island travel

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