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Where can I find a good motel?-hotel

Where can I find a good motel?-hotel
Took the intrepid traveler four nights in three countries, to a motel room was decent. E 'was difficult, we have considered many reasons, but we attacked it, and finally did.

We had booked our first night, and the last in Costa Rica on the Internet. It was a mistake. The room was small, the bed almost filled the room and bathroom, large enough for access to sites, suitcases, toiletries and clothing, in turn, stops there. The only thing was the man behind the counter and WiFi. We thought in a different place last night, even though we paid, but must at the airport at 4:30, we decided against it. Why pay again for the night and sleep half the AOS?

After a slow trip to Los Angeles, we found our car and checked the Travelodge near the airport. You can say, ALO, a book by its cover. Motel has seen better days, and it was many decades ago.

We started the morning in Encinitas (north coast of San Diego County), where dinner with my friends Rod and Jill. Since Saturday was light, and we arrived early, to give us time to change car oil, AOS, shops, bank and go around Solana Beach, where I live. Ah, memories.

Lunch on the stick and Jill, AOS bridge that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, a walk in Torrey Pines State Park, and after visiting the restaurant. Torrey Pines is a scenic peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and one of two houses (5000 rare trees on all Torrey Pines). I went a couple of times, it was nice to follow the old, visiting his way to the beach and panoramic views.
That night we stayed at the Best Western eight miles north of the border. Check just before we were a couple that pulls them all in suits and ties (one in the informal sector of San Diego), who had his hands caressing her buttocks. They clearly intend a short stay, but tense. It turns out that we have a motel that has seen better days gone by. So much for a TV contest Best Western.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday), we went over the border in Tijuana. We thought it would be a good time to go through TJ, that were not caught in a hail of bullets between rival drug gangs, or even at some point someone to collect money from the insurance companies.

After passing through the border has not explained, Lane, The Don, ALO believe that even came to a complete stop, we followed the signs to Ensenada. Unfortunately, the building was, and I knew we were going in the wrong direction, that we sign the trip. The streets were quiet on Sunday morning, TJ. There was hardly a car or a person to be seen. Drug smugglers have a bad night for him and we slept in had a Staples and Home Depot a couple of times, and finally found a few people ask for help.

Travel south was spectacular. Limited access highways to four lanes along the coast, not to mention the feast of the Pacific Ensenada and retirement property for those who come north of the border between them.

Roads south of Ensenada, a narrow strip parallel to the coast inland. It winds through the mountains and on the floor of the desert. A well-prepared, in my experience of Costa Rica, I have no trouble navigating the sharp turn in Mexico.

View was spectacular. Cactus in abundance. There were a few companies, large and well built. In some plants were in plastic, which we later learned there was water, which is taken into underground aquifers and desalination is always covered. People treated grapes and cactus (cactus). For some reason, many cacti, see the lines are in the company, can not be calculated.

The road passes through a series of small dusty villages. The last of these towns before the road turns away in El Rosario, the population of 3500 m. Here the true Baja is about to begin. This is true even when the gas to fill the next station, 362 km (255 miles). On the road. Near the Pacific coast, you can stay here, searching, or fish.

We moved early in the day Baja Cactus Motel charged $ 39, about half of that in the past three nights, we found ourselves in a large room ( "the guide describes as luxurious rooms) with a strong theme in Mexico and an number (with comfortable beds, a bathroom, as well as Central and WiFi). It took four days and three countries, but in the end we found only a decent life, but also large numbers of motels. and the price was least difficult to beat, and we had a low paid or payable for the week.

One final note: In the Lower Cactus Motel is one of Bach, the most popular restaurants in AOS, Mama Espinosa, administrative and operational. E 'watering hole in the early days of road racing Baja. Autographs (Steve McQueen, Earl Garner, Parnelli Jones (you're supposed to make the race of the Indy 500 in 1970)) on the walls and ceiling. This is the only decent place in town to eat. Here we had a late lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day before continuing our journey south.

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